Deals of the day

MM Woo Multi Press Copper Bottom

M.R.P. Rs.925 Price Rs.555 Save Rs.370

Wooden Pepper Mill

M.R.P. Rs.525 Price Rs.333 Save Rs.192

6 Piece Wooden Spatula Set

M.R.P. Rs.500 Price Rs.350 Save Rs.150

Wooden Paniyarakal stick

M.R.P. Rs.32 Price Rs.20 Save Rs.12

Wooden Chopping Board Small

M.R.P. Rs.275 Price Rs.220 Save Rs.55

Wooden Chopping Board 38230

M.R.P. Rs.313 Price Rs.250 Save Rs.63

Wooden Po Masher 37726

M.R.P. Rs.150 Price Rs.120 Save Rs.30

Wooden Pot Masher 37725

M.R.P. Rs.94 Price Rs.75 Save Rs.19

Wooden Belan Ticl 37714

M.R.P. Rs.100 Price Rs.80 Save Rs.20

Wooden Jara Sqr Lianin 37728

M.R.P. Rs.75 Price Rs.60 Save Rs.15

Wooden Dal Muthu 37724

M.R.P. Rs.150 Price Rs.120 Save Rs.30

Wooden Tav Oridanary 37735

M.R.P. Rs.50 Price Rs.40 Save Rs.10