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Soapstone Paniyarakal

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Meenakshi & Meenakshi 

Pre Seasoned 

7-Pit Soapstone Paniyarakal

Weight - 2.4kg

Handcrafted authentic traditional soap stone PanniyaraKal.

Soapstone cookware consumes less oil, retains the nutrients of the food, and adds an unique taste.

The dense and non-porous nature of soapstone makes it impervious to bacterial penetration, has a higher concentration of calcium and works efficiently on gas burners.

Care: Always allow soapstone to cool to the room temperature on its own before cleaning. Rinse with a sponge and hot water to clean the soapstone. Only use dish detergent after frying or sautéing foods. Make sure to season it with reapplying a little oil after using detergent.

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Date First Available: 11-03-2023

Manufacturer: M&M

Return & Replacement: NO

Non-refundable: YES